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Paul Larson - Professional Clubmaker

I keep up to date on the constantly changing golf club design innovations in order to know which ones can positively effect the average golfers game and those that do little more than aid a marketing program. Over all I am certified as a Class "A" Advanced Professional Clubmaker. The heart of my business is the Custom Fitting and Professional Hand Building of high quality golf clubs with the specifications best suited to compliment the unique swing, playing style, and game improvement goals of each of my clients. I have the experience and my shop is fully equipped with the specialized equipment needed to accomplish this. For some time, this web site has been my only form of advertising. Virtually all of my work comes from repeat clients or their referrals. My files contain many unsolicited written testimonials and some of these are noted on the Testimonial page. If I can be of service to you, I look forward to doing so.
Paul Larson.

For more information on the benefits of real professional golf club fitting, plus access to informative videos and books that will show you how golf clubs actually work and how the various designs and specifications can be tailored to your personal playing style and thus enable you to play better and enjoy the game more go to: www.wishongolf.com

On this website, you can also review a full line of some of the best designed and highest quality club heads shafts, and grips available anywhere. For even more informative videos you can also go to: www.youtube.com/user/wishongolfvideo

The information provided on these Wishon sites and the following pages will aid you in understanding what golf club designs, styles, assemblies, and set configurations will best suit your personal playing style and contribute to the achievement of your game improvement goals. With this information and a professional fitting, you will become very knowledgeable about how golf equipment performs and what specifications are beneficial to you. You will then be able to confidently identify the golf club playing specifications that will enable you to play to the best of your natural athletic ability. And ... You won't be wasting money on club designs or promotional hype that does not aid you in achieving your personal playing goals.

Your golf swing didn't come off an assembly line ... Neither should your equipment!!!