Things to consider..

Before you purchase new clubs

Purchasing Considerations

Everyone who is looking at the purchase of new golf clubs does so with the expectation that the purchase will enable them to hit better shots and improve their scores. Often this goal is not fully met because too little attention has been paid to the playing factors and specifications that will benefit them and their personal playing style.

Distance is mainly limited by your swing speed, but can be somewhat enhanced by being fitted with your best length, loft, lie angle, face angle, shaft flex, shaft bend profile, total club weight, and swinging balance.

Accuracy improvement can be achieved with clubs that have your correct length, face angle, lie angle, shaft flex, shaft bend profile, comfortable grip size, total club weight, and swinging balance.

Trajectory is primarily controlled by club loft and your angle of approach when striking the ball. Your personal swing style and speed also need to be considered when working toward the trajectory you prefer.

Consistency is improved by having clubs of the correct length, face angle, lie angle, total weight and swinging balance, preferred grip design and size, plus a set makeup that fits your personal game.

Feel is very individual and consists of your preferred grip style and size, shaft flex and profile, swinging balance, and club weight.

Shaft Fitting consists in selecting the weight, flex, bend profile, torque, and balance that will best suit your swing tempo, transition force and wrist cock release point. Then your shafts will be neutral spine aligned and zone flex matched for consistent feel and performance through your entire set.

Moment of Inertia Matching is a dynamic club balancing procedure that follows engineering principals and is superior to the static swing weight procedure that continues to be used by all factory assembled clubs. Through our fitting work, we are able to determine the best swinging balance for you and your playing comfort and then I can build your clubs to this personally preferred balance.

Set Makeup is often a key to better play. Most pre-assembled club sets have low lofted clubs that many players do not hit well and these usually get replaced with the purchase of extra hybrids or higher lofted woods that provide similar distance and are easier to hit. Additionally, most factory assembled sets are also lacking in the proper wedge package that most of us need for improved results around the greens.

Adjustable Hosel drivers and fairway woods are available everywhere as a substitute for accurate personal fitting. Most are sold as having adjustable lofts when really all the adjustments do is allow you to change the face angle and the lie angle. The effective loft cannot be changed unless the face angle is adjusted and the club head is then, at address maneuvered back to square at setup. This movement then transfers the effect of the face angle change into an effective loft change. Unfortunately, this movement then eliminates the effect of the face angle adjustment and thus eliminates the most effective accuracy improvement specification available to most golfers.

Slot head face configurations are designed to give somewhat better ball speed on miss hits close to the head area that has the slot, but face areas away from the one or two slots do not experience this benefit. A superior performance approach is to design variable thickness club faces that provide a higher smash factor on all center hits and miss hit areas of the club face. The variable thickness face will provide better performance on all impact areas, but it is invisible and thus more difficult for marketing promotions.

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