Frequently Asked Questions

A little extra knowledge about what golf clubs can and cannot do for your game will go a long way to increasing your confidence and playing enjoyment. Here are answers to some of the questions I often encounter.

How much improvement can I expect from custom clubs?

The amount of game improvement you can expect will largely depend on how poorly fit your current clubs are. By working with me on a professional fitting you will receive a pretty good understanding of the playing benefits you can expect. Interestingly, average and less skilled golfers usually benefit more from well fitted clubs than skilled players do.

Will custom clubs improve my golfing ability?

It would be nice to say that custom clubs will enhance your golfing ability, but they will not. However, when properly fit they will enable you to play better and enjoy the game more.

I am pretty average. Why should I get custom clubs?

The factory assembled golf clubs we see in stores and pro shops typically consists of each maker's idea of a standard set. Apart from the fact that the playing specifications for every one of these clubs will be a mystery to both the selling person and yourself, the actual makeup of most standard sets is a good match for very few players. That is why you will have to purchase extra hybrids, wedges, etc. in order to replace the clubs you cannot hit well and to obtain the actual clubs your game needs.

Why do I have better tee shots with my #3 wood than with my driver?

Usually this is because your #3 wood has a length and loft that is better suited to your swing speed and swing style. Many pre-assembled drivers are too low lofted and too long for most players. That is why often more loft, shorter length and personally fitted face angle will result in better distance, better accuracy, and more confidence.

Can I get more distance with extra long clubs?

If you are extremely strong and athletic like the long drive competitors perhaps so, but to succeed these guys only have to get one ball in six in play. For the rest of us, we always reach a point where extra length actually results in lower swing speed and poor on center hit performance. These two items are the most important factors in achieving distance and for most of us, they are usually optimized by clubs that are closer to traditional lengths.

What can be done to reduce the harsh feeling of miss hits?

For most of us this sting is usually worse in our steel shafted long irons. Graphite shafts are helpful as are vibration dampening shaft inserts and when custom clubs are being built I utilize design features that encourage more consistent on center hit performance.

Should I complete the lesson I have planned before I get new clubs?

Lessons from a competent teaching professional benefit everyone who makes the effort to diligently practice the swing changes recommended. You must, however, realize that because of your basic athletic ability, size, and playing style it is very difficult to make a significant fundamental swing change. Often the best procedure is to go through a good professional fitting as this will enable you to better understand how much improvement can be expected from changed club specifications. With this information, you will be able to make your own informed decision.

Can I have clubs built a little big for my kids?

Essentially that would mean building clubs that are too long and too heavy for them now and this will often cause the development of poor swing movements or even cause them to lose interest in the game. A better option is to get clubs that fit for length now and then have them lengthened when needed.

Can custom fit clubs help me improve on my 2 handicap?

You probably have a pretty good sense of where the two or three shots you want to save are hiding so we would look extra closely at these areas while doing our fitting work. Most often the key equipment issues will be found in your wedge package or putter fitting.

How can I contact a qualified clubfitter?

It is pretty easy to find someone who glues heads and shafts together and slides on grips. Competent clubmakers and clubfitters are harder to locate. One of the best sources is probably . The clubmaker locater on that site has a world-wide listing of well established clubmakers and clubfitters.

Are you a qualified clubmaker and clubfitter?

Other areas on this site outline my qualifications and experience.

How do I know that my custom clubs will be of good quality?

If you are looking for inexpensive clubs that look cheap, pay cheap, and are cheap, just go to your nearest department store. If you are satisfied with illegal knock-off copies of well known designs you can probably find someone who will assemble them for you, but those products will not be in my shop. I specialize in providing only high quality original design components that are hand built by me in my local shop to the exact specifications best suited to your personal swing style and playing needs.

Where are you located?

My shop is on our property in Pincher Creek, Alberta. As a home-based business, I am able to provide service during and beyond regular retail hours. In order to provide prompt individual service, I operate on an appointment basis so please call to arrange a time that suits your schedule.

What level of service do you provide?

When you require service or repair on pre-assembled clubs the facility you purchased them from will usually have to send them back to the factory and it will be several weeks or months before you see them again. I repair and adjust virtually all golf clubs and provide prompt, dependable service.

Do you provide a good guarantee?

All of the parts, components, and workmanship applied to custom clubs or club repairs are guaranteed for one year. This guarantee is better than you can get on golf equipment anywhere. Essentially, we cover everything except abuse and normal wear.

Why should I see you before making any equipment changes?

If you are contemplating a change in your golf clubs, you should consider having a professional analysis of your swing as this will provide you with information on the best club designs and specifications for your personal needs. With this information, you will be well equipped to make the best purchases for your needs and thus, avoid spending money on clubs that will not benefit you.