Custom Clubs

You will shoot better golf scores with professionally custom fitted Clubs!


These are the five playing factors that need to be addressed in any professional fitting and during our interview we will jointly work out the priority of these factors in achieving your personal playing goals. Then we need to measure all of the playing specifications of your current clubs so that we have a starting baseline that will enable us to realistically predict how changed specifications can move you toward your desired improvement goals. If you ever encounter a club seller or fitter who does not accurately measure the playing specifications of your current clubs, you can count on their entire process being little more than guesswork.

Of the many measurable golf club head, shaft, and grip specifications, there are only a little over 12 of them that can provide a noticeable performance change in the five important playing factors. For each of us, the importance of these individual specifications will vary depending your personal playing style plus how significant the recommended change from your current clubs is. During our interview, specification measuring, and ball striking work you will learn a lot about which specifications are of benefit to you and also those that are only important for a marketing program.

During your first visit to my shop we will be covering all of the above plus a detailed impact label and computer monitored ball striking session with your driver and five iron plus some of my fitting clubs. Then we will be taking several lie board, grip size, wrist to floor, and other measurements. In effect, what we will accomplish in this first session is to gather the information needed for the generation of appropriate specification recommendations for every club in your set. We will also look briefly at some suitable head, shaft, and grip designs with a view to eliminating any that may not look good to you. This session will take about two - three hours.

Over the next couple of days, I will analyze the information we have gathered and prepare a five or so page letter of written recommendations for the preferred specifications for each club in your set. Included in this letter will be cost quotations on a few suitable designs that I can provide. At your earliest convenience, we will meet to review these recommendations.

The recommendation letter, a reference book, and the things you have learned during our work are yours to keep. My fitting fee for this is $150.00 and if you decide to have me proceed with building new clubs for you it will be deducted from the cost of these clubs.

When building your clubs my first task is to build a sample driver and seven iron to the recommended specifications and then we will once more meet and test hit these clubs to confirm that they are providing the changes we expect. Usually this work will be done at an outside range where we can properly observe trajectory, face impact, feel, moment of inertia, and swinging balance etc.

From here I will proceed with building all of your clubs. Every component will be had selected and hand assembled by me in my shop. Each head will have the exact loft, lie, face angle, and sole bounce recommended. Each shaft will be neutral spine aligned, zone frequency matched, and custom trimmed to your specifications. Each grip will be of your design choice and sized to your feel preference. All woods and irons will be MOI matched so that they have a swinging feel that matches each other and your personal preference.

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When you purchase professionally fit and truly custom-built clubs from me you will receive cosmetically attractive clubs that will feel and play better than clubs you can get anywhere else at any price!

And ... If you ever need adjustment, service, or repair, you will not need to have your clubs shipped to a distant repair facility where often a couple of months pass before they are returned. My shop is right near you and I will promptly and professionally look after everything.

But - Doesn't everybody make Custom Clubs?

Virtually every seller of quality pre-assembled golf clubs has some form of fitting that enables retailers to provide so called "Custom Clubs". We see fitting forms to fill out, portable bins of test clubs, demo days, demo clubs, launch monitors, or whatever. In practice, all of these systems are designed so that any retail or pro shop sales clerk can go through the motions of a "custom fitting". This often involves little more than hitting sample clubs on a range or into a net until you find something that seems to be OK. What really transpires is that your equipment choices are limited to the one or two designs that each company is promoting along with minor options that can be easily incorporated into their assembly line building process. Additionally, the person you are dealing with is often under pressure to as quickly as possible get you out the door with a set of in stock clubs or a paid for factory order.
The priority concept is to fit your needs into what the retailer has in stock or the factory assembly line system can easily accommodate rather than to fit the clubs into your personal needs.